Draught Products


ABV: 4.2%

Style: Stout

Aroma: Sweet smelling with a coffee and malty nose  

Flavour: Perfect balance of bitter and sweet with malt and roast characters

Palate: Smooth, creamy and balanced

Appearance: Distinctively dark, with a rich creamy head

Aspall Cider

ABV: 4.5%

Style: Cider

Taste Descriptor: Fruity, dry, racy, thirst-quenching, lip-smacking; suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.

APPLE VARIETY: Bittersweet, Culinary & Dessert

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

ABV: 5.1%

Style: Premium lager

Taste: Crisp and refreshing taste with a notable citrus aroma and a pale, golden colour reminiscent of Prosecco. 

San Miguel

ABV: 5%

Style: Pilsen-style lager

Aroma: Hints of smoke against a background of grains

Taste: Balanced, toasted, of medium bitterness with a prevailing subtle toasting of the barley. The medium persistence aftertaste holds echoes of liquorice

Appearance: Golden yellow in colour with reflections of old gold

Carlsberg Pilsner

ABV: 3.8%

Style: Pilsner

Taste: Light and refreshing qualities with a smooth, full mouthfeel and a perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. Distinctive citrus hop aromas deliver a greater depth of flavour and a hoppy, moreish aftertaste to the final sip

Birra Moretti

ABV: 4.6%

Style: Premium Lager

Estrella Damm

ABV: 4.6%

Style: Lager

Taste: A light malty aroma on the nose with a little spice drifting through slowly. The palate enjoys a smooth offering of darker malts, toasted flavours and creamy hops. A slight dryness near the end with a low carbonation


ABV: 4%

Style: Lager



ABV: 4%

Style: Lager

Taste:  an easy-drinking lager that is perfectly balanced with moderate vanilla tasting notes and no hard edges or bitter aftertaste for perfect refreshment. 

Heineken 0.0%

ABV: 0.0%

Style: Lager

Taste: A refreshing alcohol free beer characterised by fruity and fresh malt notes and a lightbody. At just 69 calories this is a great refreshing drink for all.